meta-composition tracks:



Each one of these ‘meta-composition’ tracks is a ‘performance’, concert, session or live composition (real-time recorded) carried out in an autonomous fashion by HARING (Humanless Audio Recombinator for Infinite Novelty Generation), using as recombinant elements all the individual pieces created by the participant creators/artists of this project. Each one of the performances employs, therefore, exactly the same source materials. Their different use in each performance reveals, by comparison, the structural and compositional features of this process. Along with mechanisms for fairness that guarantee the use of every single piece, as well as different degrees of permanent uncertainty and variation, HARING incorporates ‘listening’ components to select pieces (or fragments of them), process them and mix them, giving rise to a potentially endless meta-composition.

Although it has no visual presence, avatar, or any intention whatsoever for embodiment, HARING has been designed, in Pygmalion fashion, by Francisco López, Andrea Vogrig and Darien Brito, and entirely programmed in ‘SuperCollider’ by Andrea Vogrig and Darien Brito.

‘HARING is experimental and perhaps a bit rudimentary; furthermore, it really has no pretensions. But its astounding skills in meta-composition highlight the fact that, fortunately, very soon we will be unable to detect trans-human composers.’ (Francisco López).

HARING is available for free download on GitHub.